Anushka Mathew appointed as member of PRCA Race and Ethnicity Equity Board (REEB)

In July 2020, the PRCA launched the first Race and Ethnicity Equity Board (REEB) and it was announced that Anushka Mathew, an Account Director at Houston has been appointed as one of the 13 founding members.

The Race and Ethnicity Equity Board was created by the PRCA to accelerate the recruitment and progression of Black and Ethnic minority professionals in PR and is chaired by Barbara Phillips MPRCA.

As part of its mission statement to achieve both immediate and long-term proportional racial equity within the PR and communications industry, the REEB has published a Terms of Reference document outlining its goals as well as its objectives for the PRCA.

Commenting on the appointment, Anushka Mathew, Account Director at Houston said: “I am proud to be a founding member of the REEB and excited that we are taking important first steps to drive much needed change across the PR and communications industry.

It is vital that the industry is seen to be more accessible and attractive to Black and Ethnic minorities as a career path in the future so that we will see more PR professionals from different ethnicities climbing the ranks to senior and board-level positions.”

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