The life of a PR intern

Getting vital work experience was something that I felt was worth doing while at university as it prepares you for the real world of work. This led me to apply for internships and through the Taylor Bennett Foundation, a charity that supports people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds that want to pursue a career in communications, I was able to get my first internship at Houston. Houston is a capital markets, corporate and consumer public relations agency, where I’ve been interning since July.

I’ve been here for about three months now and my time so far has been exciting and rewarding. It took me a few weeks to get settled at Houston as I was getting used to the work culture, the systems, the type of work Houston does, the clients and sectors we work with, but once I found my feet, I really got stuck in.

One thing that I’ve really enjoyed is the wide range of different tasks and projects I’ve worked on. I’ve helped with client projects in sectors ranging from Oil & Gas/Hydrogen to community pubs, and from retail to manufacturing. One of my favourite things about doing a wide range of tasks is that no two days are the same; one day I’m helping to create adverts, next day I’m researching potential new clients, and the next day I could be writing a newsletter.

Working in consultancy has given me a strong introduction to a wide range of corporate and consumer communications activities and the breadth and depth of the PR industry. As a result, I’ve been able to develop an interest in certain areas such as the oil & gas/hydrogen market which has helped me to enjoy the internship even more. I find this area interesting as the global rise in hydrogen’s popularity is giving companies the opportunity to engage in more sustainable practices.

I have learnt a lot from my colleagues about the day-to-day account executive role, from compiling media lists and newsletters to broader elements of the role and the variety of work on offer. In terms of developing myself, I’ve also learned that asking for help and clarification during an internship is crucial. It ensures that you are aware of how to approach a task or project so that you can do it to the best of your ability.

I also enjoy the social element of Houston culture. I was given a wonderful welcome from my manager and the rest of team in my first week. On my second day, we all went for after-work food and drinks at a pub local to the office which gave me the opportunity to meet the whole team and get to know everyone.

I am now excited for the next chapter of my internship as I have recently received a three-month extension, so I am looking forward to learn even more and make the most out of it!

Blog written by William Akanno, PR intern here at Houston.