About Us

People communicate in many contexts: in the office, at home, with friends and on the move. Each context has a slightly different vocabulary and purpose, but our voices are always our own. 

The same principle applies to our work for our clients’ businesses. We develop an authentic voice for each business, adjusting the tone for capital markets, corporate and consumer audiences without losing the power and clarity of the message.

All of our work comes from an informed perspective. We make it our business to understand yours and your market, to immerse ourselves in the detail and ensure that we are prepared for every opportunity and eventuality.

Capital Markets

The purpose of capital markets communication is to clarify performance, signal aspirations and enable investors to make informed decisions. Our core objective is to ensure that your vision, goals and performance are communicated in a clear and compelling way.


That emphasis on clarity and compelling communication also drives our work on corporate positioning. In all of our engagements, we deliver a narrative that is logical and pragmatic, whilst boosting your reputation. We address the industrial, political, marketing, social and environmental contexts that affect your business so your messaging resonates with all decision-makers and influencers.


Investors, media, customers, analysts and politicians all share one common characteristic: they are consumers. All businesses, whatever they do, should not overlook the power of eye-catching consumer communications to build positive sentiment and drive sales. Each of the three pillars of our work is interconnected and each is a Board-level imperative. In our similarly interconnected world, perceptions, authenticity and reputation have never been more important. 

Houston is proud to be a member of the PRCA, the world’s largest PR professional body, representing well over 30,000 practitioners. We hold the PRCA’s Communications Management Standard (CMS) – the hallmark of PR excellence. CMS combines elements of ‘ISO9001’ and ‘Investors in People’ with criteria specific to a PR and communications consultancy.

To achieve CMS certification, we maintain stringent standards in leadership and communication, business planning, financial management and systems, campaign management, client satisfaction, people management and diversity.


Our clients operate across a wide range of sectors and markets – in the UK and internationally. What unites them is a consistent sense of purpose, ambition, entrepreneurial flair and customer focus.