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Crown Paints

Influencer campaign

The people

  • Activating Crown’s powerful campaign, ‘It’s Not Just Paint. It’s Personal’, the Houston team needed to create a strategy that inspired and empowered a broad range of audiences on an individual level.​
  • We recognised that the target audiences would need to feel a solid connection to the message to embrace the campaign’s core values fully, so we focused on developing a campaign that would resonate and inspire.
  • Our goal was to create a campaign that was both impactful and effective, helping to spread the message of the campaign in a meaningful way.

The power

  • A powerful influencer campaign: Our #MakingPaintPersonal influencer campaign showcased the significance of colour and its diverse interpretations, celebrating its ability to express individuality and motivating individuals to embrace their personalities and tastes when selecting paint.​
  • Showcasing diversity: A diverse group of influencers was tasked with a creative challenge to develop unique and captivating vignettes inspired by their chosen palettes. Each participant tapped into their style and creativity, showcasing their unique perspectives and abilities.​
  • Powerful partnerships: We successfully secured the involvement of 2LG Studio, Sarah Akwisombe, and These Four Walls (Abi Dare), whose contributions brought the campaign message to life.​​​

The impact

  • Making the connection: The #MakingPaintPersonal concept authentically activated the “It’s Not Just Paint, It’s Personal” maxim for Crown Paints.​
  • Sourcing inspiration: The campaign successfully generated content for an ‘Inspiration’ microsite on the Crown website, providing their audience with a fresh new source of inspiration and creativity.
  • Finding new audiences: It also garnered greater visibility for the brand, appealing to new demographics by elevating its image with a wealth of valuable resources to be utilised across various digital channels.​
  • Engaging with digital: Social media engagement on Instagram and Twitter increased significantly due to the campaign’s strategic approach and well-crafted content.​

This case study illustrates the power of influencer campaigns when pairing the right message with the right creators.

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