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Earthborn Paints

Organic social growth

The people

  • Earthborn Paints has a strong reputation for heritage and quality and is well-known for its hero product, Claypaint. However, they were less recognised among younger demographics for their wider range of eco-friendly paint products.​
  • In April 2023, Houston took on the management of Earthborn Paints’ organic social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) with a view to change this.​
  • Our goals were to enhance the brand’s social media presence by expanding its reach and promoting better audience engagement. We also aimed to attract more followers and increase referral traffic to the website from organic social media channels.​​​​

The power

  • Growing the social community: The Houston team developed a content strategy to enhance engagement with existing audiences while also reaching out to new and untapped demographics. The strategy aimed to provide a comprehensive approach to content management and community engagement, promoting Earthborn’s brand image and increasing its market share.​
  • Targeted content: Through data-led learning and ongoing conversation with the client, we developed a series of monthly content calendars specifically tailored to each social media platform.​
  • Data-driven optimisation: Executing our content strategy has consistently strengthened Earthborn’s brand and generated measurable results, allowing us to make data-driven decisions for future content.​​​​

The impact

  • ​​Measurable engagement: During Q3 2023, the social media channels managed by Houston for Earthborn witnessed a significant rise in engagement, particularly on Facebook.
  • Driving organic traffic: The social media strategy implemented by Houston was instrumental in driving organic social referral traffic to the Earthborn website.
  • Increasing brand awareness: Houston’s efficient management and strategic approach helped Earthborn improve its digital presence and reach.

This case study exemplifies a successful social media marketing effort focused on organic growth, where a brand effectively expanded its reach, engaged with diverse demographics, and boosted brand awareness through targeted and data-driven content strategies.

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