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Increasing corporate engagement

The people

  • Despite having an emerging presence across Europe, easyHotel’s LinkedIn channel was not being fully utilised, posing an opportunity to communicate with various stakeholders.​
  • easyHotel wished to grow its LinkedIn presence whilst attracting and engaging with key stakeholders such as franchisees, investors, employees, and guests.​
  • Key objectives included increasing high-quality referral traffic to its website from LinkedIn, generating more enquiries, bookings and revenue.​​​​​

The power

  • Targeted communications: By understanding the interests, behaviours, and demographics of key stakeholders, Houston built a targeted comms strategy to reach and engage new connections.
  • Strategic content planning: developed content pillars that align with easyHotel’s brand values and stakeholder interests. These pillars revolved around spotlighting easyHotel’s rapid European expansion, underlining the advantages of owning an easyHotel franchise, illustrating financial accomplishments, and championing its workforce through employee-centric content.​
  • Integrated content delivery: produced high-quality content, including the integration of PR activity and platform-native content, that spoke directly to the target audiences. Content was visually appealing, informative, and aligned with the established content pillars.​​​​​

The impact

  • ​​Channel reinvigoration: Houston revitalised easyHotel’s LinkedIn presence, expanding its follower base.​
  • Audience engagement: By highlighting its growth, franchise advantages, financial performance, and team, Houston crafted compelling content that resonated with the various target audiences.​
  • LinkedIn prominence: easyHotel’s LinkedIn channel is now more visible and better positioned to connect with its intended audience on this critical platform.​

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