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Sector communications strategy

The people

  • FireAngel is a leading developer of sophisticated tech-enabled and AI-driven products designed to transform fire, carbon monoxide and, more recently, holistic home safety
  • Our team’s remit is to target the social housing sector with compelling communications to educate and encourage adoption of technology to improve home safety for residents.
  • Since 2021, our work with FireAngel has evolved from comms activity to grow awareness within the fire safety and housing sectors of the benefits of IoT, to activity that currently focuses on the growing adoption of IoT systems to support home safety.​

The power

  • Thought leadership: production of educational content on the benefits of technology to improve protection for social housing residents from fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, damp and mould
  • Reactive and proactive communications: jumping on opportunities for commentary in response to relevant news stories and changing legislation to ensure a regular drumbeat of message exposure
  • Roundtable campaign: We organised a ‘Future of Fire Safety’ filmed roundtable with social housing and fire safety experts, moderated by award-winning journalist Oliver Pickup, and partnered with Public Sector Executive (PSE) as part of the publicity campaign to widen awareness
  • Webinar: Managed a live webinar with leading safety & security title, IFSEC Global, on improving fire safety for social housing residents
  • Survey and Whitepaper – ‘No Place Like A Smart Home’: in partnership with Public Sector Executive, a survey was conducted to gauge connected technology adoption rates amongst housing associations. Houston used the results to produce a whitepaper presenting the rates of adoption and forecasts for the future.

The impact

  • Drumbeat of news coverage: proactive media outreach on relevant legislative changes and the wider news agenda has generated over 31 pieces of coverage in the past 2 years across fire, construction, utility, health & safety, care, facilities, housing & property, business and technology titles, with a total reach of over 34 million (34,384,660).​
  • Future of Fire Safety’ roundtable: moderated by award-winning journalist Oliver Pickup, a thought-provoking discussion around fire safety in social housing generated content for LinkedIn and fire safety media. The partnership with PSE attracted 410,000 unique readers of our editorial content, spending an average of four minutes on the relevant page, and 355,000 advert views.
  • Webinar: This live webinar focusing on fire safety technology was conducted with disability rights and fire safety experts and generated 270 leads to support FireAngel’s sales pipeline
  • FireAngel has elevated its profile as a leader in the IoT space supporting improved home safety for social housing residents by ensuring its expert voice is continuously part of the conversation in the trade media on evolving relevant issues and legislation.
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