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Building brand recognition

The people

  • HAIX is a German, family-owned footwear manufacturer. The company designs and makes high quality footwear to protect workers in many high-risk industries.
  • Its history and strongest links are with firefighters around the globe but its loyal customer base also includes workers in industry, forestry, the police and ambulance services.
  • HAIX’s core mission is to provide great products, for great people, doing great things.
  • This investment in design and quality results in a premium product that is built to last and will protect people doing, sometimes high risk, lifesaving and difficult jobs.

The power

  • HAIX products have been meticulously designed and made in Europe to provide comfort and safety, with a key focus on ensuring healthy feet and a health body. Products are engineered to improve and maintain good posture in order to reduce incidents of musculoskeletal injuries and are built to last.
  • Houston is responsible for increasing brand recognition and product promotion, supporting the UK Sales Director in activity to generate sales.
  • Media relations and advertising planning form a key part of our work but social media engagement is also crucial to reaching audiences in an authentic way.
  • In the absence of any UK social media platforms, we have developed an ongoing, collaborative programme identifying individuals and HAIX trade partners to work with in delivering positive digital content.
  • We researched and identified a select group of influencers (bloggers and content creators) doing ‘great things’ and gave them a pair of HAIX footwear to try. We also engaged with editors in adventure and outdoor sports magazines and asked them to review a pair of boots.
  • HAIX’s partner in the emergency services market, PatrolStore, worked with us to develop a creative 12 days of Christmas promotional campaign across its own social media channels.

The impact

  • We worked with unique individual influencers, people taking on great challenges, doing great jobs or demonstrating great skills. These included female firefighter and fitness expert Bec Meachin, The Girl on The Trail – Rebecca Lees, lifestyle content creator Katy Kicker and the Rogue Rambler
  • Wear trials featured in magazines focussed on unique groups of athletes, followers of outdoor pursuit and lifestyle features, such as,, the, the Metro, Woman’s Own, Country Walking and a product review in The Times.
  • In 2022 the PatrolStore Christmas promotion delivered an 8.04% engagement rate on Instagram and 13.1% on Facebook.
  • The client was delighted that we were able to deliver social media coverage and engagement in the absence of UK channels.

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