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Midas Safety

Digital marketing strategy

The people

  • Midas Safety, a global PPE leader, faced the challenge of launching new glove lines in Europe and enhancing brand awareness.​
  • They sought a digital marketing strategy to engage their target audience across various platforms, including social media, email, and their website.​

The power

  • Leveraged LinkedIn: Strategic content on LinkedIn built trust, credibility, and brand awareness, driving audience action.​
  • Precision with LinkedIn Ads: Effective LinkedIn ads with precise targeting and impactful copywriting were continuously monitored and optimized.​
  • HubSpot Integration: HubSpot served as a central platform, streamlining campaign elements across social media, email, and the website. This allowed for audience segmentation, compelling content creation, ad tracking, and lead generation.​

The impact

  • Audience Growth: Midas Safety saw a significant expansion in their LinkedIn followers, strengthening their online community.​
  • Brand Awareness: The campaign successfully elevated brand recognition among the intended audience, creating a lasting impression.​
  • Enhanced Engagement: Meaningful interactions on LinkedIn indicated a strong connection with the audience, fostering deeper relationships and potential conversions.​
  • Operational Efficiency: The integration of HubSpot streamlined campaign management, offering valuable insights for ongoing improvements. Centralized coordination facilitated smoother tracking and lead handling.​

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