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MSA Safety

M1 SCBA Launch

The people

  • In 2019, MSA Safety was a newcomer in the UK First responder market. They entered a competitive landscape to compete with an established leading supplier by launching their new innovative breathing apparatus, the M1 SCBA.​
  • To help MSA increase market penetration, Houston needed to reach firefighters and Fire Chiefs, the key decision-makers responsible for procurement within the UK Fire and Rescue services.​
  • Our goal was to establish MSA and their M1 SCBA as a competitive breathing apparatus for modern fire brigades nationwide.​

The power

  • An integrated digital campaign: A comprehensive full-funnel approach was employed to boost brand awareness and encourage warm audiences to take action. This involved strategic tactics to increase visibility and drive engagement, ultimately leading to successful sign-ups for an online demo of the M1.
  • Targeted content creation and activation: We developed diverse digital content to engage the target audience, providing valuable insights and resources addressing their pain points. This included dynamic videos, informative whitepapers, compelling social media posts, and targeted advertising distributed across multiple platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, website, email, and digital PR.​
  • Tactical media planning: As part of our strategic approach, we also implemented a plan to purchase media space in prominent UK and European trade publications.​

The impact

  • Lead generation: The digital campaign contributed to generating quality marketable leads for the M1 launch, and its effectiveness was a significant factor in the launch’s overall success.​
  • Social media engagement: After the launch of the campaign, MSA’s social media reach experienced a significant increase in the first year. We successfully engaged a large online community of firefighters, and social media engagement rates saw a considerable boost as a result.​
  • Audience growth: The campaign significantly increased the size of MSA’s social media following in the UK, enabling us to reach and engage with a larger audience than ever before.​
  • Continued collaboration: Following the success of the initial M1 campaign, Houston was appointed MSA Fire’s European Digital Agency, and we have now worked together for over four years.​

This case study shows how tailored digital strategies can achieve market penetration and sustained growth even in a complexly competitive landscape.

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