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Semmco Aviation

Building web enquiries

The people

  • Semmco, a British engineering firm specialising in ground support equipment and aviation access platforms, faced the daunting challenge of navigating the pandemic’s severe impact on the aviation industry.​
  • Houston was entrusted with the mission to bolster Semmco’s new inquiries and overall website traffic.​

The power

  • Strategic PPC: Harnessing the power of Google Analytics’ audience analysis, a strategic paid search campaign was meticulously crafted. It spanned multiple ad groups and keywords, honing in on the UK, US, and Canadian markets.​
  • Targeted content: Tailored ad copy and precisely chosen keywords were deployed to capture the attention of Google users actively seeking information about Semmco and competing services.​
  • Campaign optimisation: Utilising prospecting and re-marketing techniques, the campaign was fine-tuned to increase the likelihood of engaging users with a high conversion potential.​

The impact

  • Enhanced Visibility: Semmco experienced a substantial increase in online visibility, significantly broadening its digital footprint.​
  • Amplified Engagement: The campaign generated a surge in inquiries, reflecting heightened interest in Semmco’s offerings.​
  • Strategic Expansion: Building on the campaign’s success, Semmco is now poised to strengthen its organic traffic through a strategic SEO approach.​

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