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Yankee Candle

Paid social campaign

The people

  • Leading up to the 2022 holiday season, Yankee Candle was preparing to launch its new Signature candle jars as part of that year’s Christmas collection, a new iteration of the heritage brand. ​
  • The Houston team was tasked with boosting brand recognition for the new collection and Signature image, expanding their customer base to include a younger audience and transforming existing brand perceptions.​
  • With this campaign, we aimed to elevate the brand’s overall market position and boost its revenue growth in the holiday shopping months.​​​​

The power

  • A tailored strategy: Our team put together a comprehensive campaign strategy for Q4 to raise awareness of the brand-new collection and drive sales for the Christmas period. Our approach was carefully crafted to ensure we could meet our targets and achieve the desired KPIs.​
  • A data-driven approach: We devised, implemented, and oversaw all aspects of the campaign, including creative content, media outreach, and paid social media activities. We utilised a data-driven approach to plan and execute the campaign’s media and paid social components, including thorough testing and optimisation of the audience targeting, copywriting creative format, and placement strategies to maximise the campaign’s impact.​
  • Multi-platform delivery: Advertisements were activated on Facebook and Instagram, while digital media placements were also made on popular platforms like Grazia, Daily Mail, and Ideal Home.​​​​

The impact

  • A fresh perspective: The Yankee Candle campaign showcased its new look through social and media outreach in the UK, France, Italy, and Germany.​
  • Measurable return: At its peak, the campaign delivered a 5:1 return on ad spend, highlighting its effectiveness in driving sales and profitability.
  • Reaching new audiences: The campaign effectively extended the brand’s reach by drawing in new audiences. By incorporating seasonal themes and focused marketing efforts, the brand garnered the attention of new and younger​

This case study exemplifies a successful digital campaign that strategically launched a new product line, boosted brand recognition, and expanded the customer base through a data-driven approach and multi-platform delivery.

Return on Investment

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