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10 questions with Houston Digital Account Manager, Bijan Shahrezaey

The next instalment of our ’10 questions with’ series gets to know one of our Digital Account Managers, Bijan Shahrezaey. During this series we’re hoping we can give you a real insight into the people in our team, the type of personalities within the Digital Marketing & PR industry and what different roles involve.

1. What does ‘digital marketing’ mean to you?

To me digital marketing is the future of how people receive information and how brands communicate with their audience; and there’s no doubt that we’re already living in this new way. With that, digital marketing means learning, adapting, and optimising the way we conduct marketing in an increasingly competitive environment – a world where consumers are becoming more sophisticated in how they receive information.

2. What do you love about Digital Marketing? / What excites you the most about work?

I love how digital marketing is ever-growing, continuously presenting itself with new opportunities (and challenges) for brands and individuals. This means that we always have to be aware of changes and be ready to adapt – that’s what excites me. It’s the task of staying ahead to yield better results and to overcome competition. I also enjoy how data-driven digital marketing is, meaning that we always have opportunities to learn and improve our efforts.

3. How and why did you get into Digital Marketing?

I’ve always had a strong passion for marketing, having achieved a first-class degree in BSc Marketing Management. I’ve always been interested in communications and consumer behaviours.

When I started my professional career, it was pretty much an even split between traditional marketing and digital marketing. However, as time has gone by, digital marketing has come to the forefront, so I have chosen to focus my specialty on digital.

4. Typically, what does your role at Houston involve? / What is your role, and can you give a brief run-down of what you do?

I am responsible for managing a mix of our digital accounts, which entails strategic planning and the development of digital marketing tactics. I liaise with my clients which involves consultancy and building a strong rapport, ensuring activity is planned and delivered effectively. My role also involves line managing some of my colleagues to ensure they have the right guidance and that we can deliver excellence to our clients together.

Aside from my usual roles, I often get involved with other activity, from attending networking events to getting involved with new business pitches. I do enjoy these tasks as it allows me to gain more industry exposure, while meeting lots of great people!

5. If you weren’t doing Digital Marketing, what do you think you would be doing?

If I wasn’t doing digital marketing, I would most likely be working within business management or embarking on an entrepreneurial endeavour. I’ve always been interested in business – and with an ambitious, creative mindset – I love the idea of developing an innovative business that I can build up and be proud of.

6. What is a common misconception of working in Digital Marketing?

People often think that digital marketers only work with social media and post content. But although social media is an increasingly dominant part of digital marketing, there is so much more that we do – from formulating strategic plans to delivering them with the likes of email marketing, content creation, SEO, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and much more. It’s an ever-expanding environment!

7. What do you like about working at Houston?

The culture is one of the biggest factors for me. I like the fact that everyone is sociable and a joy to be around. It doesn’t matter if you’re in different teams, everyone is interconnected where we combine our knowledge and skills very well.

Another thing that I like is the variety of clients and industry exposure I get. At Houston I get to work within several industries, across B2B and B2C.

8. If you had any advice for someone starting out in Digital Marketing, what would it be? / Do you have any career advice to give to someone interested in Digital Marketing?

When it comes to digital marketing, the world is your oyster. What I mean here is that there are lots of golden opportunities to start gaining valuable experience. From starting a new blog or social media page, to freelancing or volunteering your skills – today, there are so many ways that you can gain digital marketing experience.

9. What did you want to be when you were little/growing up?

I have always loved and wanted to do something with animals since a child – perhaps an animal conservationist.

10. If you could have a dinner party with any 5 people (dead or alive), who would they be and why?

– Elon Musk – As a business magnate, investor, and innovator, I could learn so much from Elon Musk and be fascinated by what he has to say all night.

– Thierry Henry – I’m an Arsenal fan and Henry has been one of my idols since a child.

– Marcus Aurelius – Most know Marcus Aurelius as a Roman Emperor, but he was also a Stoic Philosopher. Stoicism is a philosophy I’m interested in, so I could learn a great deal from this ruler!

– The Weeknd – I like a variety of music, but The Weeknd is one of my favourite artists. Not only is he creative and talented, but we need music at the dinner party, right?

– Kevin Hart – There’s got to be some comedy at the table! Kevin Hart has to be one of my favourite comedians.

Keep an eye out for more ‘10 questions with’ blogs to come and learn about the different role levels we have here at Houston.

If you are interested in PR or joining our team as an Digital Account Manager, please get in touch via careers@branscombegroup.com