PR Careers: Inspiring Students at the Weald Of Kent Grammar School Careers Fair

We were delighted to attend the Careers Fair at the Weald Of Kent Grammar School in Tonbridge last week and to meet enthusiastic pupils looking at what the world of work might hold for them.

Our Director Alex Clelland and Senior Account Executive India Spencer chatted to pupils and parents at a stall about careers in PR and what you need to succeed now and in the future.

With 500 attendees, students of all subjects expressed their interest and got different but complementary perspectives from a rising star and a grizzled industry veteran for a balanced picture of the industry.

Alex and India also presented to a full house on what PR is, what we do, what we look for in new hires, and where the industry is headed. We’re not looking for a specific degree subject, or even necessarily a degree – we want people with curious and creative mindsets, who are keen to learn about the business world and how to make your reputation match your ambition. Young people already manage their reputations effectively through their social media and have a head start on previous generations. And with technology becoming increasingly important, digital skills are vital.

After fielding lots of questions on everything from ethics to Jason Derulo (!) from parents and students alike, we received a slew of emails asking about work experience. We even got a new business lead from a parent who had asked some interesting questions and introductions to other interesting companies present. We were left very impressed with the quality of the students, their enthusiasm and energy, and how engaged their parents were with the process.

Our industry is changing rapidly and it needs people who can keep pace with the change and see it coming. We welcome applications for internships and work experience, as well as experienced hires, and look forward to nurturing the talent of tomorrow. If Weald students are anything to go by, the future of PR is in safe hands.