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Learning and Development at Houston: How we nurture future talent

“Globally, one in five young people are NEET: Not in Employment, Education or Training. Three out of four of young NEETs are women.”

Houston is passionate about professional development and committed to supporting the youth of today. The stat above should not be acceptable in this day and age, and we want to combat this by providing a broad range of opportunities to the younger generation.

Houston is launching its very own Academy, which will provide a holistic approach to PR training from interactive workshop sessions with experts in their field to on-the-job learning, support, and guidance from the entire organisation. We understand the value in providing individuals with the right skills and knowledge to equip them for a career in Public Relations. We have a very supportive and collaborative culture that encourages us all to keep learning and growing so we are constantly stretching ourselves professionally. Houston has a great success rate with its internships, and we are very proud that many have progressed to permanent roles within the business, and continue to thrive and show clear signs of a very bright future in PR.

Two of our previous interns shared their thoughts on their journey with Houston so far:

“Before joining Houston, I had had no exposure to or experience with media and communications. In just three months of working closely with a team of media professionals of all levels, coupled with the learning and development modules and the on-the-job training opportunities, I feel confident in performing my new role as Junior Account Executive.” – Callum McGill, Junior Account Executive

“Prior to joining Houston, I had very limited experience in PR and absolutely none on the corporate and financial side of it! My three-month internship flew by, and I couldn’t believe how much I had learnt and achieved in that time. The combination of working alongside communications experts and receiving unparalleled training has been incredible, and I now feel completely confident in my role as an Account Executive.” – India Spencer, Account Executive

We are immensely proud of our internships and employees, and we understand the importance of providing individuals with the right support that best suits their learning style. The team are continuously looking at ways of improving processes and encouraging innovative ideas and creativity within the agency.

Houston’s owner Peter Tracey shares the same mission as Sir Richard Branson “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

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Written by Fabienne Humphreys, Head of Learning & Development and Recruitment here at Houston.