Interior Design Trends in 2023

What’s Coming Next: 2023 Interior Trends

As we approach the end of the year, it’s no wonder we all look forward to discovering the newest trends to make our homes feel more inviting and personal. From macro-trends such as sustainability, to the latest technology improvements and style choices, our interior clients share their predictions for what we can expect to see more of in our homes in 2023.  



Sustainability may not be a new trend, but it is certainly one that is continuing to grow. It is at the forefront of customers’ minds and manufacturers’ processes, with eco-friendly, energy-efficient and cost-efficient products becoming hugely popular.  

At Quooker, we strive for sustainability in all fields, from our product offering to our philosophy. The new and improved CUBE accessory, compatible with all Quooker taps, provides instant chilled and sparkling water at the touch of a button, greatly reducing the use of plastic bottles in the kitchen.  

Stephen Johnson, UK MD at Quooker  



Elements of craftsmanship and heritage and a correlation to natural materials will be key in interior design. Textures play a big role in this trend, helping to give flooring longevity. 

Taking inspiration from everyday materials, Amtico flooring is designed to be hyper realistic. The new wood collections, such as Spacia Muted Oak, demonstrate the innovative development of more realistic grains with an authentic timber feel. Showing how the grains work together, it creates a homely, cosy palette within a space that can be further enhanced through innovative laying patterns. 

The use of stone and concrete-effect materials will see a shift to a more contemporary aesthetics with natural, softer tones. From chalky, paler marbles that mirror natural pigmentation, to concrete-effect that is beautiful in its simplicity, gentle movements across the floor will achieve a minimalistic, elevated scheme.  

– Lorna Williams, Head of Product Design at Amtico 


Accessories for the home

Walk-in and hidden pantries are a big kitchen trend which we have seen growing in 2022 and will continue in the new year. We are cleaning down the cabinetry on the wall and opting for storage that is tucked away around the corner. Plus, that wow moment when you open what looks like a cupboard door to expose a whole secret room behind just never gets old. A crowd pleaser for sure! 

– Melissa Klink, Creative Director at Harvey Jones 


Eclectic lighting

Now more than ever our homes are our sanctuary and a cave for cosiness. Lighting is not only functional, but it also plays a huge role in setting the atmosphere within our interiors. 

As we move into 2023 and beyond, lighting will become more eclectic and unusual, as a result of customers seeking a greater level of personalisation in their homes. Glass bubble lighting, sculptural designs and black and brass finishes will be popular, as households use multi-functional spaces and look for lighting that can also act a piece of art. The popularity of battery powered lights is also increasing as the cost-of-living crisis impacts households across the country. 

–  Julian Page, Head of Design at BHS