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Developing a corporate narrative to support your growth ambitions

When you’re running a growth business you’re completely focused on driving sales, developing new products, attracting good people (and holding on to them!) and monitoring the competition. Whilst you keep all these plates spinning, it’s all too easy for the consideration of your corporate positioning and corporate narrative to fall to the bottom of the to-do list.

But growth businesses that want to keep on growing need at some point to take a step back from the day to day and establish an overarching corporate narrative that will support the company as it moves to the next stage of growth.

A strong corporate narrative that aligns with your branding, mission, vision and purpose will add depth and breadth to the company’s profile and encourage industry talent and investors to come on the journey with you.

So what does this look like in practice?

The establishment of a corporate narrative with meaning and resonance starts with a deep dive messaging session, bringing together your senior leadership team to explore and define the themes and topics that are central to your business and its ambitions: the company’s technical excellence, USPs, competitive advantages, product rollout plans, planned geographical reach, growth drivers, expansion of addressable markets and new product development.

During this session you will also define the core audiences you need to reach, which might include potential investors, industry partners, government departments, regulators and potential employees.

This messaging also should be backed up with clear metrics to have meaningful impact. The company’s website is the first port of call and an important shop window for the business and should be used to articulate your corporate positioning and showcase the proof points. Whilst most growth company websites contain extensive product information for customers and industry partners, few provide much detail about the company itself and its market positioning.

A Corporate section on your website with information on the Board of Directors and senior management team – and biographies showing track record and expertise – along with info on strategic objectives, addressable markets, financial performance, KPIs and sustainability positioning will enhance credibility and establish your positioning within your industry.

A well-crafted Corporate website will serve to articulate the company’s market opportunity and investment case- both crucial if you aim to secure funding or sell the business at some point in the future. And smart use of infographics, timelines and filmed content will bring the business to life, clarify complexities, provide context and further underpin your credibility as a company.

Equally, digital channels such as LinkedIn provide valuable routes for communication with key audiences. With the core messaging and language now established, regular posts on LinkedIn that celebrate contract wins, showcase the expertise of your team and highlight the market drivers that are propelling business growth will enable you to amplify your messaging effectively and reach the right people.

The time and attention required to develop your corporate narrative will deliver clear ROI: an enhanced industry profile that helps to attract talent and funding and underpin credibility as you lead your company into the next phase of its development.

Written by – Kay Larsen, Director here at Houston