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Threads by Instagram: Revolutionising Brand Connections in 2024


24th January 2024

Social media platforms have always sought ways to retain and attract new users, frequently by adopting popular features from their competitors’ sites. Instagram did it in 2016 when it introduced Stories, a flagship feature on Snapchat. They did it again in 2020 when it launched Reels to compete with TikTok. And in 2023, Instagram’s parent company Meta introduced Threads – a new app in the Facebook ecosystem and a less controversial alternative to Elon Musk’s “X” for users to fill the Twitter-shaped hole in their lives. But this time, Meta was not merely replicating a proven model for a boost in user activity. Threads marked a strategic leap for the company towards fostering more meaningful and interactive conversations within its visually driven Instagram community.


After an initial flood of 30 million users joined the app within 24 hours of its launch, Threads seemed to lose momentum towards the end of last year. However, a resurgence is likely to be on the horizon in 2024. Threads has enhanced its search features, including topic tags and keyword search, empowering users to find and engage in discussions that align with interests and trends, finally competing with X in earnest.


For brands, this development offers better-targeted marketing opportunities, tailored reach, and data-driven insights on business engagement. Where real opportunities to leverage X are faltering for most brands, Threads presents a valuable opportunity to connect with a thriving new community, optimise marketing strategies, and promote meaningful engagement this year.

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