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When the going gets tough, don’t make it tough to tell your story


15th November 2023

Ambitious companies need to access new funding to enable them to expand and grow, but it’s no secret that the current economic environment has made this challenging. Investors and lenders can be reluctant to commit, turning an ordinarily straightforward process into a gruelling slog.

When you’re focused on a difficult fundraising, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture, forgetting that a compelling corporate narrative and strong public profile are more crucial than ever in a tough economy.

Aligning branding, mission, vision and purpose add depth and breadth to a company’s profile and can provide the key to unlocking new capital from reticent investors.

There are six simple steps to achieving this:

1. A messaging workshop to explore and define differentiators, looking at technical prowess, USPs, competitive advantages, product rollout plans, planned geographical reach, growth drivers, expansion of addressable markets and new product development.

2. Define metrics and proof points that underpin and endorse your market positioning and provide strategic credibility in a competitive environment.

3. Define the core stakeholders you need to prioritise alongside investors and develop an engaging and relevant media strategy that validates your investment case.

4. Leverage your website to properly reflect your corporate narrative. It’s not just a shop window for your company’s goods and services – it also needs to bolster your credibility by articulating strategic ambitions, reinforcing the investment case and showcasing senior management and Board expertise.

5. Develop infographics, timelines and filmed content that bring the business to life, clarify complexities, provide context and reinforce your credibility for use across multiple channels.

6. Leverage digital channels such as LinkedIn to communicate with key audiences, educating and informing them with news flow and thought leadership to enhance industry positioning.

At Houston we work with growth companies across a range of sectors to build a corporate narrative that delivers tangible ROI, providing an enhanced industry profile that will attract talent and unlock funding opportunities as you lead your business through to the next phase of its development.

If you’d like to know how Houston can help you, get in touch with our team