Using TikTok as an effective communications tool in 2022

There’s no question about it – TikTok reigns supreme in 2022.

Once a simple lip-syncing and dancing app, the short-form video platform now hits headlines on a daily basis – outperforming almost every other mobile app, social media platform and even surpassing Google as the #1 most trafficked internet domain.

For consumer brands, TikTok offers a chance for companies to showcase their philosophy and values through unique, engaging, and on-trend content, ultimately building brand awareness and even driving revenue.  With more of our clients becoming interested in the platform, here are a few tips for using this fun and powerful tool:

Find your niche

Whilst it’s tempting to try and cater to a wide audience, the TikTok algorithm makes quick work of finding out what every individual is interested in.  If you can showcase your expertise and tap into an existing community, you’re more likely to be amplified to the right audience.  Once you’ve found your people, consistently add relevant keywords to your captions and video content, so the platform can easily categorise you.

Use trending audio

From chart-topping hits, to a remixed Louis Theroux interview (go listen, you won’t regret it), trending sounds on TikTok are the ultimate strategic growth tool.  The platform has an endless library of tracks to choose from, but trending audio is specifically based on users’ behaviour, plays, shares and saves.  By adding trending audio to your content, you instantly increase your chances of landing on the ‘For You’ page (the app’s curated homepage), the fastest way to maximise your visibility on the platform.

Keep it short and sweet

Earlier in the year, TikTok extended it’s maximum video length to 10 minutes.  However this does not make it best practice.  When a user watches a video from start to finish, this is a strong indicator to TikTok that it’s popular.  This means that short, repeatable videos that hook your audience within the first 3 seconds will be favoured by the algorithm.


TikTok has no sign of slowing down – even Instagram is attempting to catch up with the roll out of it’s new Full-screen Home Feed. The platform has a lot to offer for brands – but just like any social channel, strategy should come down to your business goals and existing community.

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Written by: Jessica Melling, Digital Junior Account Manager, Houston