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Future Home Trends 2024

The Future Home trends webinar ran through Ideal Homes 2024 trends, where the expert editorial team shared their latest thoughts and insights into how they and the Homes brands are adapting to the needs of their audiences, and finding new and engaging ways to connect.


21st August 2023

The definition and purpose of our homes has evolved in recent years – from lockdown to the cost of living crisis and everything in between, the 2024 upcoming home trends have been defined by the influences and impact of recent years.

Trend 1: Staying in is the new going out – Our homes are our the environment we spend the most time in, bringing our social scene into the home has hugely increased in popularity as the importance of socialising became evident following the pandemic, and with the cost of living making going out more expensive, entertaining from the home is a personal way to socialise without all participants having to spend a lot of money. Within the home entertaining can be utilised by creating a cinema room, housing a selection of drinks options at an at home bar, by eating out less and replicating eating out at home with friends and family in the kitchen/dining/outdoor kitchen/dining space. The consumer is therefore decorating to ensure the spaces we use every day look good and work harder for entertaining purposes. Examples of this are to invest in a mini cinema space, a kitchen in your garden, or a home bar.


Trend 2: Homes are our sanctuary: Wellness has become a defining feature of modern lifestyles, with the importance of looking after the mind as well as the body becoming ever clearer. Our homes are the outlet for us to revitalise, granting us an opportunity to unwind and look after our emotional health. The home can help us to prioritse this time by investing time and money into spa bathrooms, a space dedicated to relaxation and unwinding. There has been an increase in decadent features to uplift and bring luxury into the bathroom. Consumers need something to feel good about, as it becomes increasingly more important that we create the best home environment we can.


Trend 3: Households are growing; 53% live in a multigenerational home. Considerations need to be made for grandparents, children and teenagers. Decisions within the home are made to grow with the family as the member’s ages, ensuring the home continues to prioritise the needs of those that reside within, i.e.. a playroom for young children or space for toys in the garden. Prioritising dedicated spaces for individuals to have alone time, such as for mum to decompose from her teenagers. Considerations within the kitchen and bathroom for grandparents who might struggle to bend down or reach up to high spaces.


Trend 4: Improve don’t move Following the cost-of-living crisis and soaring interest rates, inflation has led to the property market struggling as people choose to stay in their current residence and improve their space rather than move out. Only 17% of the people who hoped to move this year, did. 83% have tried to make the best out of their current space and instead have invested in the home to improve it ie. updating the kitchen, or bathroom, adding renovations or changing the layout to bring more light into the space.

Values of the consumer in 2023

Consumers have shifted to desiring authentic, attainable homes that are realistic to them, rather than unattainable, luxurious standards. In 2022 the consumer looked to inspiration that was creative,

now this has shifted to looking for everyday and realistic homes with real solutions to improving the space that can be completed by the individuals.

Proof of experience has become increasingly important. Viewing a before and after video, displaying the journey of a renovation project, is as important as seeing the final content. This shows authoritativeness and ensures trust in those we are looking to and aspiring to.

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