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Cosentino HQ influencer trip

The Cosentino Group is a global, family-owned Spanish company that produces and distributes innovative, high value surfaces around the world. To continue to share the developments within from its Spanish based Headquarters to everyday consumers in the UK, Cosentino saw an opportunity to work with three UK interiors influencers to capture content and experience the impressive factory in Spain to be shared with their audiences.


21st August 2023

We were privileged to be invited on the three-day trip to Almería, Spain to join the group and witness firsthand the processes behind this international brand. Working with three diverse influencers (Luke Arthur Wells, Feather & Faff and Hygge For Home) to maximise on reaching a wide audience across the UK and sharing Cosentino’s journey.

Since its inception in 1945, the factory is now spread over 14 million sqm and makes all the surfaces from this headquarters which are then shipped all over the world to places including Europe, the Middle East and the US.  

With the in-house research and development teams constantly evolving the products and processes Cosentino is committed to the surrounding infrastructure, environment, and its people. Making sure to offer training and job opportunities to people living locally to the factory.   

The factory is paying the way in renewable energy and water-saving processes. Currently housing 38,000 solar panels, using 100% renewable electric energy and 100% reused water, Cosentino are committed to ensuring the HQ is self-sufficient and helps to improve the environment instead of being part of the problem.

‘We invest so that today’s waste becomes tomorrow’s resource’

During the trip, we were lucky enough to see the incredible work the Cosentino family do in the laboratories and witness how each piece of stone is made. From the beautiful natural stone of the La Sensa range to the durable testing of Dekton, it is an impressive and at times almost overwhelming operation. With 6,000 employees across 129 nationalities, Cosentino is a people-first company, making sure to bring a more diverse vision to its people.

Following the factory visit we headed on route to Alicante to experience and enjoy more of the Spanish food, culture and architecture. Dining at El Portal which is a must-visit for anyone in the Alicante area, which offers delicious authentic food surrounded by stunning interiors.



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